Green Attitude

Green attitude

The Hotel Metropole,

Since 2007, The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo has established an environmental policy called "Green Attitude" whose main objective is to reduce the impact of its activity on the planet and preserve biodiversity.

This commitment was formalized in various charters and open to all: employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and seeks to educate its customers.

For this, the Metropole Hotel has set up separate collection, recycling makes saving water and energy, increase its green purchasing, environmental certifications obtained, organizes training for all staff and created a "Green Committee" composed of staff from different services.

The Hotel Métropole gives priority to suppliers who share these values, involving them in a responsible, sustainable purchasing policy.

The Hotel Métropole has also made the decision to become involved in the social sector by working with the Monaco association NAMASTE, whose aim is to improve the living conditions of Nepalese people, in particular in the areas of education and health.

The "Green Attitude" has developed considerably and is now part of the metropolis and its corporate culture.

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