5 star hotel Monaco

Having trouble choosing A 5 star hotel in Monaco? The Hotel Metropole Monaco offers the luxury you need!

A 5 star hotel in Monaco that offers visitors a unique experience in a spectacular setting, where every need is catered to and relaxation is the key.

Unwind in a luxury 5 star hotel in Monaco and enjoy everything that the French Riviera has to offer. Situated in the heart of Monte Carlo, the Metropole's design and atmosphere create a feeling of harmony the moment you walk through its front door. Ideally situated near the bustling city centre, this oasis of calm invites you to enjoy the luxury of its rooms and spectacular views over Monte Carlo. The hotel's private spa, the renowned ESPA Monte Carlo, allows you to unwind. It offers treatments using a fusion of modern techniques and ancient rituals, which encompass the atmosphere of this luxury hotel in Monaco, with its Belle Epoque style in a contemporary setting.

Enjoy a meal at the Robuchon restaurant in Monaco, with a menu that boasts classic dishes blended with contemporary flavours and Mediterranean styles for that unique and unforgettable dining experience at this exclusive hotel-restaurant in Monaco. Find total relaxation in this ideal setting between the mountains and the sea. You'll find everything you need to unwind at this 5 star hotel in Monaco with its deluxe setting and tranquil atmosphere.

philosophy of the ESPA brand
5 star hotel monaco
Rediscover its natural balance

The philosophy of the ESPA brand is to improve our everyday life using products and treatments with proven results. Our body has a deep, intense need to take the time to recharge and rediscover its natural balance. ESPA’s holistic approach offers a unique experience, with remarkable results. Based on the best traditional know-how and modern cosmetics, it uses the most precious ingredients and latest skincare technologies.

Heat Experience
A world of temperature sensations

The "Heat Experience", a spa essential, initiates you into a world of "temperature sensations", alternating between the steam room, sauna and caldarium (a combination of dry and wet heat), ice fountain and fragranced showers. You should ideally stay in each area for around ten minutes before having a treatment, to relax and make your skin more receptive.

two private suites
Havens of peace

The two private suites are havens of peace, designed for one or two people, each with a cloakroom, luxury steam jet shower and a large bath. Starting with the "Padabhyanga" welcome ritual and your private consultation you will then be able to enjoy two hours or more of ESPA TIME, in the unique environment of your suite.